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Owncie C200 & C180 C version system update link

Author: Bob Time:6/24/2016

NOTEThis link is for Ownice C200 and C180 C version (manufacture date including and after May 1st 2015), if your device is not C version, please donot update with this firmware. also please note if the date of manufacture is from 0501_2015 to 0721_ 2015, please make sure your device have done the syste update update V3_150722,  if didn't do that, also cannot update directly as this firmware. the date of manufacture after 0722_2015 can update this firmware directly.

If any question please contact us.   ---Ownice C200 Quad Core Android 4.4.2 Car DVD -- How to do System update  --C180_update_20160614  --C200_update_C_20160614