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How to differentiate Ownice C300/C200/C180 series

Author: Bob Huang Time:7/16/2016

Ownice C300 series Android navigation was the newest product that we just push into the market at June,we have received the praise of many customers in the short month's time. So far, Ownice brand has already launched a C200, C180, C300 series of three Android navigation .but what's the difference between the three series? To know more,please follow my step.

First, the main interface

C300, C180, C200 series are designed by our Ownice designers, each UI is unmatched. but now on the Major foreign trade platforms,more nad more competitors are imitating us,they PS their product or advertising pictures into Ownive UI to get more clicks.This shows the popularity of the Ownice brand .at the moment,we remind everyone to make sure the Ownicw exclusive UI.


Second, the functional configuration
Ownice C200, C180 series uses a Rockchip RK3188 program, the biggest selling point is that these two series of products can be produced RAM 2G + ROM 16GB,this is the only truly 2G RAM Andriod DVD navigation products. Because the C200 and C180 are using the same program, so there are a little difference between the two functional configuration, the C180 save some cost of the wires ,so the price is more advantage.

Ownice latest C300 series is Autochip Android program with RAM 1GB + ROM 16GB. Compared with the C200 and C180, more powerful, easier to use and better customer experience are the main advantages, but the most important thing is that it is  a very highly Cost-effective product. it was just pushed into market for one month, the orders are more than 300pcs , customers are even place order directly without testing.


Third, the back jack
The difference appearance of the three series mainly from the back jack and the back of the heat sink interface. C200 and C180 are born from the same program, the main difference is the different connectors on the back and different wiring board, C200 series is the external power cord, while C180 series is a built-in power socket, that means  C180 series are put the connector matched with original car into the back of the heat sink saves more wire cables and RCA cables and makes the installation earier.

C300 series have both of "external power" and "built-in power socket", built-in power socket is cheapper than the external power , but not all products can be made by built-in power socket.Know more details,please contact us. 

After an illustrated description,are you able to pick out C300, C180, C200 series quickly? If you are the fans of Ownice brand,would you feel so hard to make a choice bettween the three series?why not to contact with  our sales, they will be able to give you more professional advice!