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Ownice Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Author: Elaine Time:8/8/2018

Ownice Supply Chain Innovation Summit

Innovation & Change, Hand in Hand & Win-Win

[Company News] The Ownice Supply Chain Summit was held by ShenZhen Winlink Technology Limited at ihotel conference room on April 21, 2018. The meeting was a complete success. Over 50 suppliers attended the conference. After the meeting, most suppliers show great interest of making a better long-term cooperation with Winlink, and would like to sign an agreement that they will supply Winlink quality goods as well as good after-sale service.


Winlink's CEO Mr Scott Hu: Innovation & Change, Hand in Hand & Win-Win

The meeting was started by the speech of Winlink’s CEO Mr Scott Hu, what did he say?

u Ownice is the brand of Winlink company, it is my son as well. I will watch my son grow up, and to be the Top Brand in the global market.

u Believe the Greatness of Small. Believe before you see! Though Winlink is still a small company and Ownice is not well known by global buyers and users, but we believe the greatness of small. Small is beautiful, small is powerful. If you believe, then you can do it.

u Map the World Market into Ownice Strategy. Winlink produce navigation devices, we already put the world map into our navigation, of course we map the world market into Ownice strategy.

u Three Wins. Winlink adhere to the principle of Three Wins & Effective. Three wins means customer win, supplier win, then Ownice win. In Winlink, anyone’s suggestion or solution conforms to this principle, we will follow it immediately.


Winlink's Founder Ms Elaine Tang: New Time, New Trading Business, New Trends

Winlink was established by Elaine in 2009, while the CEO Mr Scott Hu joined in 2012. After that, Winlink registered the brand Ownice, and start to produce and sell Ownice Car DVD Navigation devices in October 2014. Elaine Said: Internet changed our life and our business mode. We are now in a new Digital Economy Era, digital data is the new source in this era. E-commerce becomes the main trading method, more and more consumers choose to buy products on-line, and they buy on mobile phone more than on computer. As a manufacturer and a brand maker, we have to change and make innovation items to meet the more and more personalized requirements, improve Ownice Supply Chain to offer quality goods, quick delivery and better service, then users remember Ownice by getting better buying experience from Ownice.



Mr. Zhu, the CEO of a brand company who got the investment from XiaoMi & JD.COM: The Way to Innovation of My Brand.

The meeting specially invited the CEO of ZSH.COM (the No. 1 towel brand in China) - Mr Zhu who already got the investment from XiaoMi and JD.COM. Mr Zhu said: Brand means high quality, high credibility. Chinese factories want to change the impression from "Made in China" to "Quality in China" & "Creative in China", then we should have our own brand products. The path to create a brand is very very hard, but Mr Zhu uses his own story to prove that it is worth to do that. He thinks Winlink chose the right time and right way to create "Ownice". And he believes that Ownice will grow up to a Top Brand as there are more and more global buyers recognized and accepted Ownice.



Winlink's COO Ms Elaine Tang: 2018 Plan of Brand Operation & Supply Chain Management

Winlink’s founder, Ownice COO Elaine is known by many of our customers, but not well known by our suppliers before. She is an amazing lady because of her intelligent brain. She started her speech by three questions: What is Supply Chain? Who are in the Ownice Supply Chain? Why needs Supply Chain Management? She thought the final purpose for management is: to provide customers the wonderful product, to offer users the unexpected service, to cut down the cost, which equal to high quality, good service and best price. Then Elaine talked Ownice 2018 Plan in three aspects: product plan, marketing plan and service plan. After that, Elaine told us how to manage the whole Supply Chain through information flow management, logistics management and funds flow management. Her speech was received with hearty rounds of applause, some even go up and shake hands with her after she finished.


Mr Wang, the boss of Ownice Spain Office: Ownice in the eyes of Spanish Customers

Winlink attended a trade show in Madrid Spain in March 2017, there we signed an agreement with a local Spain company who would like to be the Ownice Spain Service Center, finally we started our business in June. 9 months has gone, Ownice was known by more and more users in Spain because our Spain office advertised on newspaper, magazine, tickets, cars in car maintenance shops etc. 2 Big Company in Spain already showed their interest of Ownice Products, they told us that Technology of Ownice Car Navigation Device is ahead of others. Mr Wang gave 2 customer’s story, to prove that Ownice already changed the impression of “Made in China” in Spanish mind. Spanish users agreed that Ownice is a high and innovation brand, and they’d like to recommend it to their families and friends.


After all speech, in order to thanking for the full support of Ownice suppliers, our CEO Mr. Scott Hu awarded 10 major suppliers the “Ownice Strategic Cooperation Supplier” medal. He said: from today, Ownice not only belong to Winlink, it's not only my son. Everyone in Ownice Supply Chain should take care of the baby and watch him grow up to a Top Brand. The success of Ownice, means the success of Car DVD Navigation Supply Chain changed to "Quality in China" and "Creative in China". Come on, let's fighting together!


Finally, I instead of ShenZhen Winlink Technology Limited, here give my hearty thanks to all the participants including guests, suppliers, friends and our colleagues. Especially, we appreciate our partners in Spain Office, who delivered the red wines from Spain, as the gift for participants. Guests who got the wine must open and try it ^_^



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