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Ownice Customer Story-Poland Customer

Author: Hanson Time:8/8/2018

Ownice Customer Story

Working with Local Shop to provide customers better buying experience in Poland


Hi everyone, today we’d like to introduce a person who is responsible for marketing Ownice Car Navigation Device in Poland. His name is Damian lwaszkiewicz. Damian is a risk-taking entrepreneur and has professional knowledge to support after-sales service and distribution organization of Ownice Car Radio GPS System in Poland. In addition, he is one of the founder of TunningKingz Shop, in which is selling car related products and car accessories. The story is beginning from an email. From the email, Damian said that he found out Car dvd player with Ownice’s brand becoming popular, and he did a lot research on Google and Youtube. The first attracting point is the unique UI of Ownice Head Unit. He said it looks pretty gorgeous. That is incredible and unbelievable. After that, he watched Ownice video on Youtube. He was shocking by operation system responding super fast and smoothness. The wonderful feeling from his heart was what an amazing product. Then he contacted Ownice sales team and ordered two samples.



When Damian received the parcel and opened it, it totally surprised him. He said that I cannot believe what I see; it is so nice and so cool. Ownice navigation device really exceed his expectation. He also mentioned that Ownice is absolutely revolutionary and to reinvent car multimedia player. In order to better showcase Ownice’s products, it has been beautifully arranged on a background of black velvet in a new window display. After displaying Ownice’s brand, Damian observe that most customer passing his store will gaze at display for several minutes, and then walk into his shop to ask about Ownice’s product. The feedback from customer is wonderful design, gorgeous screen quality, real revolutionary products and so on. A week after, those sample have been sold out. Moreover, majority of customer are willing to reserve Ownice’s car DVD player in his store.


Damian decided to start long-term cooperation with Ownice, he ordered over 30pcs for the second shipment. According to the customer pre-booking, he makes a plan to expand after-sales service and distribution organization. This is only the beginning. Ownice will be working shoulder to shoulder with Damian’s team to make sure customer getting the best products and services in Poland. Until now, Ownice and Damian have worked wonderfully together.





Come on! If you are in Poland and have interest of Ownice Car PC / Car DVD / Car Radio / Car GPS Navigation System. Please feel free to contact Damian, and drive into his shop to check how Ownice device performs in your lovely car.  



If you have a car related shop such as Damian, or doing business in car electronics, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team to be the Ownice Local Distributor. Ownice will be very glad to grow up with you.