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How to choose the trustworthy brand when buy a car multimedia player

Author: Time:6/5/2020

The Unknown Secret About Car Multimedia Player

Chapter II: How to choose the trustworthy brand when buy a car multimedia player

Last week, I wrote an article "the Unkown Secret about Car Multimedia Player - how to choose the favorite vehicle solution when buy a car multimedia player". I said in that article that I want to help more people to know how to choose an admired car multimedia player. The first step is to choose your favorite vehicle solution – Mediatek, Rockchip or Allwinner? The second important step is to choose a trustworthy brand. So today let's talk something about those brands which you can search out on internet.

I searched all the brands and talked with their sales team on internet. Finally, I categorized these brands into four types.

Type 1: Factorys Name or Logo. Such as Klyde, Maisun, Hansong, Witson, WinCa

Most are the factories’ name, to let customers remember them so they registered their name as a logo, but they never printed their logo on product or package box, because they focus on OEM and traditional trading business (big orders). They sell to importers, wholesalers and brand owners who pay high attention about the price, if factories offer a higher price then customers don’t buy it because the profit rate for wholesalers and distributors is very low. In this case, factories have to control the cost for materials which caused they cannot use higher quality materials, and make innovation on product. Some of them accept small quantity orders or retail orders, users may could get a good price if buy from factory directly but no after-sale service. What’s more, the product you get may be the outlets which are stocked in their warehouse for a very long time.

Type 2: Resellers or Trading Companys Brand (sell different factories products). Such as Xtrons, Eonon, Pumkin, Erisin, Mekede

This kind of seller are cross-border e-commerce companies, their main market is online platform including ebay, aliexpress, amazon etc. They buy from different factories, and sell to consumers and retailers under their own brand or logo. They are good at making nice photos and videos to attract user’s eyes, but couldn’t give you technical support because they don’t have R&D team. When getting bad feedbacks on one factory’s product, they will change the supplier immediately. Some of them may have oversea’s warehouse for local delivery, but it’s impossible for them to build their local service center to provide you local technical support.

Type 3: On-line Shop Owners Brand (sell one factorys products only). Such as Joying, Eunavi, Bosion, Isudar

This kind of seller is similar to type 2 but small. And they only sell one factory’s products. Most of them are family team (less than 10 people). Comparing with type 2, their price is more competitive because their operating expense is much lower. What’s more they cannot change supplier because they don’t have enough money to cooperate with different factories at the same time. Buy from them means: no guarantee no technical support.  

Type 4: Real Qualified Brand - Ownice

Ownice, the brand is registered by ShenZhen Winlink Technology Limited, a professional android car navigation system manufacturer. Why I think it is the real qualified brand?

Powerful R&D: Ownice has been developed out more than 6 product series in the past 3 years. They have a very good sense on innovation. They are the first one to release quad core with 2G RAM solution, the first one to make the android head unit can be used as a mobile phone & a tablet PC by inputting a 4G SIM Card, the first one to produce the 9”/10.1” big screen with interchangeable frames to match different cars, the first one to adopt the technology of “IPS display + 2.5D touch + Nano” on screen…

Local Service Available: Ownice worked with local companies to provide Local Service including shipping, maintenance and technical support service in Russia, Spain and Vietnam. I read in Ownice’s customer story that more and more local companies want to be their agent and distributor in their countries.

Strict Quality Control System: A customer wrote in his feedback “Ownice’s package approve that it is a qualified product, different from those made-in-China products,you can get the product ID number both on the product and on the package box, which number need to be given when you ask for after-sale service”.

Good Communication with Fans: Ownice has its own social media team, I read many articles on internet, some are wrote by themselves, some by users, including customer story, company news, promotion information and so on. On XDA and 4PDA forum, I saw many technicians or fans who always help Ownice to answer user’s questions and solve user’s problem on their own initiative. I always got market questionnaires from ownice, the latest is to ask if you think the easy-connect APP is necessary and useful for you. All of these show that Ownice has a qualified sales team.

Excellent Supply Management: Please read their article [Company News – Ownice Supply Chain Innovation Summit], then you know what I mean. I never see a Chinese factory who did the same as Ownice before.

All in a word, personally I think Ownice is a trustworthy brand when you decide to buy a car multimedia player. Just like the CEO Mr. Hu said: “You should believe before you see” ^_^  Thank you for reading it, bye!