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Ownice´s Silk Road Station I

Author: Time:6/5/2020

Navigate you to the Most Beautiful Island - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

[Great News] Ownice Sales Team will go to Vietnam from 17th to 21st August. This is their first overseas group activity, let’s follow their steps on facebook @ownice to see what will be happened in Vietnam?

Why does Ownice decide to go out and get close to the overseas market?

Ownice COO Ms. Elaine Tang said in the 2017 to 2018 annual meeting: in the past 3 years, I have been to Russia, Turkey, Germany and Spain. I attended trade fairs, visited customers, walked into car shops and car electronic stores. I asked everyone whom I did show him the Ownice car navigation device: as a user how much you can pay to buy my product? No one answered less than 600 US dollars. I told them that you can get it much lower than 600 USD on internet, why not buy? Some of them said I'm not used to buy products over 100 USD on internet, some told me I have risk to pay high import tax and lose package on the way, the rest asked me where I can get warranty and after-sale service? Then, my dear colleagues, do you understand what I talked about? The problem we have now which is not related to price and quality, but how to improve user's buying experience. Do you know what they worried about? This year (in 2018), we have to change our strategy. We should go out and start our silk road. We should deeply walk into the overseas market, to find who are your loyal customers, what do they really cared and required. Let's working on this topic from now on...

Why does Ownice choose Vietnam as their 1st Station?

Firstly, Vietnam is close to China, and has low consumption. This time, we have 10 people going together, to save cost we cannot choose a higher consumption country ^_^^_^

Secondly, our team member still lack market research experience, some of them are not confident enough to communicate with customers face to face.

Thirdly and importantly, Ownice agent – iCar Vietnam, they sincerely invite us to go there. (Click the below link to read the story about iCar Vietnam)

Can my country be chosen as the next station?

If Ownice have agents and distributors whose sales quantity is over our target in your country. Ownice will give priority to your country as our group travel place.

If Ownice users have a great increase in your country, our headers will go there to organize business activities to meet customers and fans.

Anyway, if we come or not come, please do follow us on facebook @ownice to keep in touch, thank you so much!