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Product Presentation: Ownice Car Navigation Device

Author: Time:6/12/2020

Product Presentation: Ownice Car Navigation Device

——the ultimate car play machine——


One-hundred and thirty years ago, cars were just getting started in Germany on 1886, but automobile navigation system was born on 1981. Today, when you buy a car, the original radio/CD cassette already has multi-function with navigation screen, but most people still want to upgrade it to android OS with 9”/10”/13.3" bigger screen to make it works as a car tablet PC. Then, Ownice was born into the market.

Ownice - a poplular brand of Android Car Tablet PC, was born in 2014. It attracts user’s attention because of its ultra-slim case, beautiful outlook, super hardware performance, freely internet surfing and so on. Since 2014, Ownice has released out 10 series of Android Car Navigation Device, and now still have the below three main series are in hot sale.

  • Ownice C900 -- 360 Panorama System
  • Ownice C960 -- 4G LTE & DSP System
  • Ownice C800 -- Digital Sound System

Ownice C900 - 360° Panorama System

Ownice C960  – 4G Lte and DSP system


Ownice C800 – Digital Sound System

Ownice Related Products - More Possibility

Buy the below related products which works better on Ownice head unit. For example, you can get the image displayed on the head unit screen when using the related DVR, Rear Camera, DTV, DAB, TPMS, OBD II etc. Ownice head unit has 3 USB interface and much more plugs than others, which enable you to connect with more related electronic items. It will help you to monitor your car to make driving easy and safe with great fun.


How to make a choice between the above 3 series?

All in all, Ownice product has super-fast hardware performance and beautiful outlook to ensure you a better use experience. For safe driving, you can choose Ownice C900 series. For free surfing and extreme entertainment, you can choose C960 4GLTE. For better sound effect, then choose C800 high sound quality.